Behind the product: Station clock by Arne Jacobsen

15 Feb 2023

Souvenirs of my travels, handmade, unique items… I’m passionate about art and interior objects and even more so about the stories behind them. In the picture: The iconic station clock by Arne – Jacobsen.


The internationally renowned Danish architect and designer, Arne Jacobsen originally designed three wall clocks for three important buildings in Denmark. Roman for the town hall of Aarhus (1942), City Hall for the town hall of Rødovre (1956) and Bankers for the National Bank of Denmark (1971). In addition, he also made table clocks, one of which the famous Station clock, designed in 1939.


Today, the Arne Jacobsen company is breathing new life into the existing designs and the Station clock. After all these years, the design has remained the same, only some modern features were added such as an alarm with snooze function and a light sensor. The clock therefore also serves perfectly as an alarm clock in the bedroom. The small size, the graphic look and the metal base make the item an ideal gift for any design lover.

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