Behind the product: Stoff Nagel

03 Jan 2023

Souvenirs of my travels, handmade, unique items… I’m passionate about art and interior objects and even more so about the stories behind them. In the picture: The iconic candle holder by Stoff Nagel.


The story behind this iconic candle holder is special and touched me deeply. Stoff & Nagel’s candle holders are an absolute must in our soul store.

After the end of World War II, poverty and despair reigned in Germany. To earn money, the Nagel family collected empty cartridge cases at night and made candle holders and vases from them. 20 years later, one of the sons, Hans Nagel, continued to work on his father’s designs.


A silly fall in the snow inspired Hans Nagel to develop his unique candle holder. The print of three fingers in the snow was the start of an iconic design. With the help of his friend and architect Werner Stoff. The Stoff & Nagel brass candle holder was born and became a world-famous must-have in the 1960s. Today, the Danish company Just Right has relaunched the iconic candle holder based on the original drawings by Hans Nagel and Werner Stoff. Reminiscent of the Atomium, isn’t it?

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