Bring back home: New York

15 Dec 2022

Time to reflect

New York is in one word sparkling! The windows of its many skyscrapers reflect the sun light and blue sky which makes the buildings seem even bigger than they already are. Could this be an idea to create a sense of space in my interior projects? Simply add a few mirrors on the wall or the ceiling? Time to reflect!


What is striking about New York is how old and new coexist effortlessly. The quintessential Manhattan with its sand-coloured buildings with their well-known fire escapes fits surprisingly well with the ultra-modern architecture around. Hip and retro, warm and cold do not form a contrast in New York, but rather complement each other. Even ugly containers become works of art thanks to cheerful graffiti. A bar project, anyone? I already know what to do with the walls!


You don’t even have to visit Times Square for a light show. Chelsea Market treats you to an impressive combination of coloured lights and water. This and the retro light cubes have inspired me to use more colourful lamps in bars and even bathrooms. A ceiling filled with hanging lamps at different lengths? Great idea! So are the original creations with LED lighting and indirect light. New York really is the place to be enlightened.