16 Mar 2023

Game on! Design football tables and other gaming tables for your interior

What? A high-end interior can’t be playful? A football table or pool table in your interior? Entertainment meets design in our unique range of gaming tables!

We level up any interior game

Anyone who knows Astrid Ehrig knows that we love a fun interior. Creative design, color combinations, eclectic elements… But the ultimate way to add a playful touch to your interior is a gaming table. A design football table or pool table? In the living room, your office or the playroom? As an eye-catcher or as a subtle, playful element? For your kids, employees, guests or for yourself? We got game!

Kick in style. Entertainment meets sleek design

Astrid Ehrig interiors effortlessly combine style and function, playfulness and design. Thanks to their sleek, modern design and timeless appearance, these gaming tables fit into any setting and space, from indoor game nights to a play-off in the sun outside. Available in different materials, finishes and colours, you’ll find the perfect fit for your interior.

A football table that fits the office

A football table in the office doesn’t only provide the necessary relaxation, but also strengthens the group feeling. Design our football tables completely tailored to your company, from the logo to the players. Work hard, play harder!

Buy a football table in our showroom

Want to buy a design football table or another gaming table? Discover our unique pieces. Visit the showroom, get inspired & add a playful touch to your interior! Game on!

Discover our gaming tables in the webshop.